To send an email attachment using web-based email:

Log into Email


Start a new email message


Click “Attachments” (you may need to click it twice)


The attachment window opens.  From here, click “Browse” to select the file you wish to attach.

Select the file and choose “Open”   ***Note:  While it is possible to attach multiple files to an email, you can only select one at a time in this window.


Choose “Attach” to put the file into the email.


If you wish to attach more files, click “Browse”, select the file, and choose “Attach” until all files are attached to the email.


Once you are done, the files should appear in the lower box.  When they are listed there, you may click close.


After clicking “Close”, if you look just below the subject line, you should see the list of files attached to the email.  At this point, you can finish the body of the email or click “Send”